CSSD Automation

SCHLUMBOHM CSSD Automation -Single automatic loading-unloading-

SCHLUMBOHM einfache automatische Be- uns Endladung

The inner trolley, carried on the external trolley, is positioned in front of the automatic loading device by the operator.
The loading device, as soon as the device becomes available for loading, automatically picks up the trolley and places it inside the chamber.
At the end of the cycle the unloading device automatically picks up the trolley inside the chamber and places it on the external trolley, previously placed in the unload position by the operator.
● A part of the workload still weighs on the operator.
● The presence of the operator is still necessary, but in small quantities.
● The load of the machine is carried out following the manual positioning of the external trolley in front of the unloading device.

SCHLUMBOHM CSSD Automation -Multiple automatic loading-unloading with SCHLUMBOHM Shuttle 4.0-

SCHLUMBOHM Mehrfaches automatisches Be- und Entladen

Automatic conveyor system designed to connect several single-chamber washers or compatible multi-chamber washers/disinfectors in a closed circuit system that allows management without direct intervention on the baskets and accessories used to process material.
The system enables the washing and disinfection processes to be carried out on a number of carts (the number is defi ned by the project) located on the preload area (optional: a pre-wash area can be set up).
One by one the carts are inserted inside the washing circuit from the rotating station directly inside the “shuttle” which automatically starts to charge the first free infrared detector.
Once the first thermodisinfector is loaded, the shuttle returns to the rotating station to load the next carriage.
These operations are repeated for the number of drum units in the drum and for the number of trucks in the pre-loading / pre-washing station.
It is possible to install a second shuttle and a storage system on the clean side.

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